The new album from Mostly Autumn
is now available by pre-order as
a limited edition with only 2333 copies available

The limited edition features new bonus tracks not to be included on the general release version , plus a DVD diary over 90 minutes in length capturing the making of the album from the first moments of conception to the finish.

We recorded all the stages of this process by carrying cameras with us all the time providing a detailed insight into how embryonic ideas turn into finished songs, the places we go for inspiration, and even the social aspects that tie themselves around the process.

Making an album can be a very powerful emotional challenge and we would like to capture all the high and low points, the unpredictable challenges that are inevitable, as and when they happen.

Mostly Autumn have their own way of approaching a new album and we wanted to share this with you to give you a greater insight into the bigger picture.

The price is 24.99 (+2.00 P+P, 3.00 Europe & 4 Rest)

Mostly Autumn Glass Shadows Pre-order !  24.99